Our aim is to build you an awesome digital presence making clever use of marketing, technology and psychology to drive growth.

We help start-ups and SMEs become more data-driven, grow their brand and maximize ROI.

Who Are We?

A Digital Growth Marketing company that is obsessed with growth

Our approach to digital marketing is founded on the holistic principle of driving business growth across the entire organization not just sales and marketing channels.

We help brands unlock growth through the implementation of funnels, experimentation and data-driven insights. 

If you want "Mad Men" style presentations and high drama, you've come to the wrong place!

What we do

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is one of the best "search engines" for business. Individuals and organizations are leveraging the power of the platform to not only position themselves as leaders in their industry but also generate leads by creating content and engaging with meaningful conversations. We offer short training programs and a "Done for you service" to help brands optimize their profiles, create or curate content and engage meaningfully to achieve their objectives.


Social Media

Social media is an important tool for brands to not only communicate with their customers but also create an extension of themselves. Whether it is crafting a social media strategy, managing your account or simply doing an ad-hoc campaign for you, we are more than happy to be a part of your journey in any capacity. We expertly utilize social media as the top of the funnel to lead users into their customer journey.

Content Marketing

We understand the importance of quality content on your marketing touchpoints whether it is for your website or for your social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. So whether it is a written article, a photograph, a graphic or a video, the content we create for you is creative, meaningful, focus on building engagement for your brand and most importantly adds a great amount of value to your funnel.

Market Analysis

Paid Ads

A good paid campaign strategy will not only improve the number of leads but with hyper-targeted audiences, can also increase the quality of leads that enter your funnel. We make sure you're top of the funnel if as full as can be with quality leads so that there is a better chance of converting them to the next stage in their buyer journey.

Strategy & Advisory

With decades of cumulative experience with branding, creating & executing strategies for a range of clients from different verticals, we can create your strategy or help refine it. Whether it is creating a go-to-market strategy for your new product or launching a new business from scratch, our team will handle your business like pros in order for you to succeed.

Brand Strategy
Key Speaker

Mentoring & Speaking Gigs

Whether you're a growing start-up or an established entity, our coaching and mentoring services give you that extra push to succeed even more. Our skill-set includes sales, motivation and growth marketing. Have an event and want a knowledgeable speaker? We can help you deliver an insightful and passionate talk that will add value to your event.

The Wall of Ideas

Behind The Scenes with Our Team

The Out-of-the-box Thinkers

Barry Rodrigues

Founder + Director

Barry Rodrigues is the founder of NexGen Digital. He has worked for industry leaders in various marketing capacities in addition to delivering marketing projects for the banking, hospitality and petrochemical verticals. His core competencies include brand building, leveraging technology to provide more engaging customer experiences and growth marketing. Apart from multiple public speaking gigs to his credit, Barry also provides consulting and mentoring to startups to help them achieve their business goals. He is a big WWE (pro-wrestling) fan and and a self professed watch nerd.

Anastasia Marinopoulou MBA

Associate Advisor - Marketing Strategy

Anastasia is an international strategic management consultant, experienced trainer and coach specializing in business development, marketing planning, lean operations and leadership development. She is a visiting tutor at London South Bank University and the University of Law on Marketing, Customer Behavior, International Management & Logistics. . Her areas of expertise include Retail, Luxury Fashion, IT, Hospitality, Construction, Education, the Pharmaceutical and the services sectors and she also possesses extensive experience as a communications consultant having worked on various communications and position strategies.

Rafael Aquino

Associate Advisor - PPC & Programmatic

Rafael is an experienced digital marketer having worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK and the biggest media agencies globally. He is currently a partner at Look'N Feel Europe, a fast growing marketing network  with hubs in London & Lisbon and headquarters in Brazil.
Rafael's key specialisms include branding, strategic & creative communication as well as organic and paid media management. His passion for marketing enables him to design creative brand and media solutions tailored to individual client's needs.

Ashraf Tanzin

Associate Advisor - Visual Content

Ashraf has successfully made the transition from print to digital over the last decade and plays multiple roles in the unit. He is the firm's Cinderella. man with over 15 years of experience in traditional and digital marketing at different levels and his role varies from designer, conceptualizer, photographer and film maker to campaign manager and strategist. He is Google Certified and is also the official representative for Google, Snapchat and Facebook.
He is a film buff AND film-maker and is involved in quite a few personal film-making projects to keep his creative juices flowing.

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