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7 digital marketing trends marketers need to know in 2017

Digital marketing today is all about a combination of creativity and analytical approach to execute successful campaigns in keeping with the trends of the digital age. I’m writing this after having read a ton of stuff, doing loads of research and trying and testing a lot of the channels that you will read ahead. Remember, we are all novices here and digital marketing is still evolving so there will always be room for improvement. However, if you want to excel at it, here are some digital marketing trends I think every marketer should know. Search will go beyond Google Previously, users could find what they wanted on Google. However lately, people seem to search for stuff on Twitter, Facebook

Want to master the mobile web? Go back to the basics.

Remember when we were all dazzled by the internet about two decades ago? Business people, especially marketers, were the first to try, explore and later exploit it to their advantage. Fast forward to today and we have arrived at a similar point in time. Although not entire novices about the internet, the mobile internet has become a new, innovative and effective way for brands to reach out to their customers. However, getting on the mobile internet train requires a bit of un-learning and re-learning so that we can immerse ourselves in this new technology. Over the last few years, millions of consumers have shifted buying behavior to smartphones and tablets versus shopping in brick n’ mortar

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