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A new user's quick start guide to LinkedIn

At first glance, LinkedIn seems a little more complicated than some other social media networks. But, in reality it's a lot simpler than you think. LinkedIn provides a straight forward way for individuals and business owners to hire, market and sell in an innovative and new way. It's a step up from Facebook in that it's a site for professionals who are on the platform to network, build their brand and sell their products or services.. You won't see mom's sharing their child's first drawings As a newbie, you want to get started using LinkedIn fast, so here is the lowdown on using the platform to build your personal brand and help you do better professionally. Use a Free Account At least at fi

Why you shouldn't stop marketing in a recession

The current Covid-19 situation has resulted in total chaos for most of us. Businesses have pulled down their shutters, some of them for good. People have been forced into social distancing, self-isolation and working from home. The economy has almost ground to a halt. Not surprisingly, businesses have been forced to operate at reduced capacity and as such have cut down on expenses as well. But the truth is, although business, in general, might have slowed down to a trickle....it will go on...with or without you. The key to longevity in today's world is value, consistency and most importantly....relevance. Relevance means more visibility for you and your brand. Relevance results

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