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Turn your LinkedIn profile into a powerful landing page that converts

Get Started On Creating a Strong LinkedIn Profile With These Super Simple Steps

LinkedIn is a professional social network that is an important component in any job search or online marketing campaign. It’s a much more buttoned-up version of Facebook with many features that you can use to promote yourself and/or your business. In order to promote yourself properly, you have to create a strong LinkedIn profile.

A key piece of advice is - try to design your profile page like a landing page. It should be aimed at conversions. Depending on what your intention is (finding a job, finding partners, leads for your business, etc.) you can use certain elements of your profile to get those conversions.

* Headshot – Upload a professional headshot that showcases yourself in the manner you’d like presented to the world. You can take the shot yourself with your webcam or smartphone but be very cognizant of the background and the focus is on your face and not the background. Alternatively, you can get a professional headshot at a studio or get someone else to do it.

* Headline -- The headline shows up on LinkedIn beside your photo and under your name. Choose keywords that describe what you do rather than your current job title. It’s also a good idea to separate the keywords with the pipe “|” symbol. It looks better than a comma because it differentiates the words in an attractive way.

* Profile Banner -- A majority of LinkedIn users ignore this crucial bit of real estate and use LinkedIn's default banner. However, this is a great place to showcase your skills, perhaps include a collage of images and include a Call To Action or CTA. Pro tip - if you're going to use text, make sure it is aligned to the right side of the banner as that's the part of the banner that will be visible to users using the LinkedIn app on mobile.

* Summary – This is created before your work history and after your headline. It’s a great place to fill with bulleted keywords that describe the things that you can do. Bulleted words are more effective than sentences because most people prefer to scan a profile than read it. Plus, using more search terms will help with search results. Finally, use a CTA to get people to take some kind of action after they read this section. This could be to send you a direct message, an email call you via telephone or follow you on another platform.

* Video – On the profile, there are two places where you can add a video. It’s a great place to put a video introduction of yourself or showcase videos that you’ve created in the past. You can also add in PDFs and other documents and images that demonstrate your expertise. You can even include a link to a slide-show.

* Work History– On LinkedIn, this area is more like a resume so be sure to have yours handy so that you can fill this area out completely. Stay away from standard cookie-cutter words and phrases that are commonly used on CVs and make your work history section more like a story of your accomplishments. Pay close attention to details and be completely honest. There is no room for exaggerations on Linkedin. After all, someone with whom you’ve worked previously will see what you have said.

* Recommendations -- Once you’ve filled out everything completely, ask old colleagues and supervisors for recommendations. Don’t send a blank or pre-formatted message; personalize each one, reminding them of what you accomplished with them. This will help them know what to write in your recommendation letter.

* Endorsements – Anyone can give you an endorsement but it’s important to only accept the ones that you’re comfortable with. You can use the settings to hide or show endorsements. List only skills that you want to emphasize. Listing skills that you no longer want to perform is counterproductive. Another thing to note is that the endorsements count towards your LinkedIn job applications i.e. if you have been endorsed for certain skills that are a requirement for a particular job role, your profile has a better chance of being suggested to potential recruiters using LinkedIn's Recruiter subscription.

You should also fill out the remaining sections as much as possible as they not only add tons of personality to your profile but also count towards you "profile completeness" which means more visibility.

By following these tips you can create a strong and effective LinkedIn profile that works for you. You will be proud to use it to promote yourself and/or your business.

If you want help with your LinkedIn profile or if you'd like to know how we can help grow your brand and generate leads on LinkedIn, email us at info@nexgen.digital

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